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Detroit Tough Epoxy Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin -- Table tops, Crafting, Casting & More

Detroit Tough Epoxy

  • $ 5299

Detroit Tough Ultra Clear Epoxy is a two component, 100% solids, epoxy resin system.

When mixed at a 1:1 ratio volume, this epoxy provides a decoupage grade coating for wood, benches, concrete, fiberglass, counters, concrete and virtually any other surface.
It's also great for, jewelry, casting, and creative projects.
Detroit Tough Ultra Clear Epoxy provides a high gloss mar resistant surface

Table Top Epoxy Instructions

• Excellent color retention 
• Low odor for use in occupied areas 
• Ideally suited for coating table tops, bar tops and more
• Preserves substrate 
• 16 sq. feet per gallon coverage as a flood coat and 48 sq. feet per gallon as a seal coat. 
This product is meant to be poured in 1/4" increments. It's meant for casting small objects.

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