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Modern Masters Matte Metallic Paint 32oz

Modern Masters

  • $ 3999

Product Description

Matte Metallic Paints are unique, non-tarnishing colors with real metal particles, pearlescent pigments and traditional color pigments uniquely combined to create a palette of the 15 most popular metallic colors. Use Metal Effects for an aged metal finish.

Application Techniques Matte Metallic Paints used with our Metallic Paint Collection Colors create endless combinations. Apply a Matte Metallic Color as a basecoat, then apply Metallic Paint Collection Color over top using Natural Sea Sponge Roller to create a stone finish. You can create a beautiful striped finish using Matte Metallic and Metallic Paint Collection in the same color. Drag a brush through the top color to create swirls or other one-of-a-kind finishes. The options are limitless. Matte Metallic Paint covers approximately 320-400 sq. ft./gallon.