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Old Masters Wiping Stain Aged Oak

Old Masters

  • $ 1160

Product Description:

Old Masters® Wiping Stain is a robust, interior oil-based masking stain for use on wood, fiberglass, metal and composition surfaces. This stain can also be used in wood graining or as an antiquing glaze over painted surfaces. Its thick, rich formula allows easy application and superior color control, necessary to achieve rich, uniform color on most surfaces in a single application. Wiping Stain comes in 21 factory-mixed colors and can also be intermixed or tinted to achieve custom colors. This product is intended for interior use only.

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dirt, wax, grease, glue and other contaminants or penetration and adhesion will be affected. Wood surfaces must be sanded smooth. Remove dust with a tack rag or a lint-free cloth dampened with mineral spirits. Surface defects should be repaired with an appropriate patching material.

VOC Content:

250 grams/liter